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Lodestar CL2

Fault Locator Lodestar CL HV
Fault Locator Lodestar CL HV
Fault Locator Lodestar CL HV
Lodestar CL4 set
Fault Locator Lodestar CL HV

Lodestar CL2 was designed especially for medium voltage utility overhead lines. It ensures 99% accuracy of detection of load currents from 2A. CL2 is provided with current and voltage unique measurement algorithms and outstanding fault detection capabilities. Three devices Lodestar CL2 located on different phases of the line perform synchronous vector measurements.

Lodestar CL2 can be integrated into an existing SCADA or smart grid system and can operate in various communication environments. Pole-mounted communication equipment (Smartbox or Ligthbox) receives and manages all data and acts as a reciever for communcation environment.

Lodestar CL2 benefits:

• Can be used in networks with any types of neutral grounding;
• Detects and indicates all types of faults: phase to phase, phase to ground, multiple phase faults, permanent and transient faults;
• Vector calculations — synchronous measurement of currents – allow Lodestar to deal with phases as well as magnitudes;
• Minimum fault sensing PtG 2A;
• Flexible configuration — a rich set of configurable parameters enables adaptation to a variety of customer needs.

Technical specifications

Operating parameters
Operating voltage 6-35 kV
36-70 kV (option with Faraday cage)
Operating current 0-1000 A
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Conductor size 5-40 mm / 19,6-1256 mm²
Fault sensing
Type of faults PtP faults
PtG faults
Transient faults
Detection of earth fault direction Forward & Backward (Lodestar CL0.5)*
Absolute threshold 20 A ... 1000 A
Differential thresholds 20 ? … 500 A / 50 % ... 500 %
Minimum fault sensing (PtG)
Zero sequence thresholds/3I0
0.5 – 100 A (Lodestar CL0.5)
2 – 100 A (Lodestar CL2)
4 – 100 A (Lodestar CL4)
Response time 20 ms
Fault notification
Visual Ultra bright LED (white)
? 100 m – day time @sunny weather
? 500 m – night time
Current withstand 25 kA /500 ms
In-rush resistance 0-200 ms /step 20 ms
Short-range communication technology Built-in BLE module, 50 m
On-site configuration and control Mobile App Lodestar (Android, iOS)
Long-distance communication Pole-mounted communication box (GSM)
Fault management software KOMORSAN
By timer 1 hour ... 8 days (configurable)
Remote Lodestar App, KOMORSAN
Reenergized line By voltage
Manual Magnet
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 140 x 114 x 158 mm
Weight 0.55 kg
Housing UV resistant polycarbonate
Ambient conditions
Temperature range -40 ... +75 °C
IP protection IP68
Salty fog Resistant (IEC 60068-2-11)
Installation tools Dielectric rod
Lodestar hotstick tool adaptor
Installation method Live line
Battery type and capacity Lithium, 19 Ah, 3.6 V
Battery life time >1000 h, >7 years
Low battery alarm At 20 % of remaining battery load
- visual by LED blinking (yellow color)
- KOMORSAN notification
Applicable standards ANSI / IEEE 495
Internal memory 20 000 events
Measured telemetry parameters Currents (10-15% accuracy)
Voltage absence/presence

*Only for isolated neutral grounding. Min 5 km behind FPIs is required.


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