Intelligent digital load switch - IDD-CB Circuit Breaker
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Circuit Breaker IDD-CB

IDD-CB Circuit Breaker
IDD-CB Circuit Breaker
IDD-CB Circuit Breaker
IDD-CB Circuit Breaker
IDD-CB Circuit Breaker

Intelligent digital load switch - IDD-CB Circuit Breaker

IDD-CB load switch is designed for operational remote partitioning of overhead lines and selective detection of stable and unstable emergency processes, including all types of Phase-to-ground faults.

IDD-CB circuit breaker allows line switching under normal conditions with currents up to 1000 A. Thus, it is possible to turn off the load and partition the line without turning off the upstream switches or reclosers.

The load switch creates a visible break in the circuit between the equipment that is being repaired and the equipment that is under operating voltage.

IDD-CB circuit breaker capabilities:

  • selective detection of all types of emergency situations in networks with compensated, isolated, resistive and solid grounded neutral;
  • fixing the direction of the emergency current flow — to the supply substation/from the supply substation;
  • rapid wireless transmission of information about the current state of overhead lines and circuit breaker;
  • automatic (in the auto-recloser cycle), or by operator command, disconnection of the damaged section of the line;
  • automatic shutdown and isolation of the OHL damaged section while maintaining voltage on the undamaged sections when working in a complex of devices including our KOMORSAN system (Software and hardware complex FLISR) ;
  • operational switching in the distribution network in normal and post-emergency operation modes ;
  • system monitoring after completion of repair work and restoration of voltage;
  • performing the function of a network Automatic Circuit Breaker when the overhead line is ringed;
  • ability to disconnect the load and partition the line without disconnecting the upstream switches or reclosers.

Advantages of IDD-CB:

  • Reduction number of disconnected users: The high selectivity of the IDD-CB load switch in combination with KOMORSAN highlights the area with the damaged section.
  • Optimization of restoration work: The time to determine the exact location of the accident is reduced more than 8 times.
  • Information exchange: IDD-CB supports all currently used data exchange protocols (IEC 60870-5-104).
  • Unique and reliable design: Combines FPIs Lodestar CL B series indicators, a vacuum switch, and intellectual disconnector in IDD-CB device.
  • Easy communication: The IDD-CB is easily controlled using KOMORSAN software module.
  • Smooth operation: On a single battery charge, IDD-CB provides 48 hours of uninterrupted operation (20 cycles). After the power is restored in the line, the battery is recharged.
  • Work in all climatic conditions: From -40 °C to +60 °C, including salt fog and repeated transitions through the "dew point" during the week.
  • Visual clearance and safety of repair work.
  • Determination of Pt-G with high accuracy.
  • Definition of direction of Pt-G.
  • No additional supports are required.
  • IDD-CB is fully compatible with the FPI with BL communication manufactured by ATRIY.

Complete set of IDD-CB:

  • Load switch;
  • Control cabinet;
  • Set of FPIs BL

The load switch consists of a vacuum switch that allows you to turn off the load currents and a disconnector that creates a visible gap. ATRIY equipment is an analogue of Auguste switching equipment (Ensto).

Switch operation is possible both in automatic and manual mode.

Data transmission and control is carried out via GSM communication channel according to IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage (Vnom), kV 10
The highest operating voltage (Un.v.), kV 12
Rated current (Inom), A 630
The nominal short-term sustained current (thermal resistance) 10 kA with action time for the main knives during 3 seconds
The highest peak of the rated short-term current (electrodynamic stability) (Id,), kA 25
The flow time of the rated short-term sustained current, with 3

Drive supply voltage (Up. nom), V



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