Intelligent disconnector IDD
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Intelligent disconnector IDD

Intelligent Disconnector
Intelligent Disconnector
Intelligent Disconnector
Intelligent Disconnector

The IDD intelligent three-pole disconnector is designed for the operational remote partitioning of 6-10 kV overhead power lines and the identification of stable and transient fault current flows, including all types of earth faults. Integration of  Lodestar IDD into power line automation system allows building an efficient and inexpensive line sectioning system.

Operational switching of sections of the electric circuit is performed by means of the automated drive located in the disconnector’s control cabinet. The status of the disconnector is displayed on the dispatcher’s control panel and directly on the disconnector’s control unit.

Lodestar IDD functional features:

• determination of the direction of the PtG fault (Lodestar CL0.5 model);
• blocking the disconnector control in the presence of voltage and/or current;
• remote control of grid sections;
• integration into the user's SCADA system;
• battery life – 24 hours (at least 50 cycles of switching on/off the disconnector);
• power-on lock when the earthing switch is on.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage (U) 10 kV
Maximum operating voltage (U) 12 kV
Rated current (I) 400 A/630 A
Rated short-term sustained current (thermal resistance) (I tr.) 10 kA when the action time for the main knives is within 3 sec.
The highest peak of the rated short-term current (electrodynamic resistance) (I ed.) 25 kA
Integration with SCADA systems Connection to SCADA system via the IEC-104 protocol
Remote communication GSM/GPRS modem
Remote control (for field config) Bluetooth BLE (2,4 GHz)
Temperature range Operating from – 40°C to +60°C


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