OLTC Controller UP-200
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OLTC Controller UP-200


On-load tap changer (OLTC) controllers are the main part of the power equipment monitoring and control system. They continuously control status of switching devices of transformers with smoothly or sharply changing loads at 35-750 kV substations.

Controllers UP200 operates with any type of sensors of OLTC drive position without additional adapters. Additional adapters are not needed.

Exploitation of controllers are comfortable for substation personnel due to availability of separate screens displaying information on OLCT drive’s taps and information on transformer’s parameters. They are connected to transformers with nominal secondary voltage 100V and nominal secondary current 1A or 5A.

Combination of controller and indicator functions results into multiple enhancement of operation control’s OLTC electrical drive reliability additional adjustment settings emergency diagnosis settings space saving on the control switchboard. Dimensions of the devices are 144?144?90mm. They could be supplied in several modifications: with digital or analogue outputs or with analogue output (0…20 mA).

UP200 benefits:

• Control of commands execution and operability of switching unit of OLTC;
• Blocking of OLTC drives in case of:

o Detection of overload;
o Detection of three U0 exceedance;
o Decrease of Voltage below Umin;
o ?xternal relay blocking signals are received;

• Emergency alarm for blocking the operation of the of OLTC drive;
• OLTC drive operability control;
• Changing of device’s internal settings and operating mode. Rapid change of setpoints maintaining the voltage from one value to another;
• Transmitting current existing parameters, configure and modify setpoints through digital interfaces, USB/RS-485 or analogue interface “Current loop” in SCADA.

Exploitation of UP200 ensures:

• Simultaneous monitoring of two bus systems;
• Quick switching of regulation from one bus section to the other;
• Synchronous control of three switching mechanisms for separate control over three phases of transformer;
• Measurement of parameters of input analog signals:

o linear voltage of controlled and regulated bus section;
o voltage of zero sequence of controlled and regulated bus section;
o input current of one phase of regulated bus section;
o current of one phase via sectional switch of regulated bus section;
o current of one phase via sectional switch of controlled bus section.

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