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Lodestar CL25 BM


Lodestar CL25 BM is a fault indicator which is used in MV power distribution networks. A set of fault indicators Lodestar CL25 ВM is designed to localize the damaged area on overheadlines (OHL) of distribution power grids with a voltage of 6-35 kV, a network frequency of 50 Hz or60 Hz, with any type of neutral.

No need in additional pole-mounted RTU device anymore. Indicators communicate with one CL25 BM device via Bluetooth radio signal, then CL25 BM communicates by GSM with KOMORSAN and transmit data to any SCADA-System via IEC 60870-5-104.

Lodestar CL25 BM benefits:

  • Brightest Light 360° Visibility — 3 ultra bright wide-angle LEDs provide overlapping fields of light.
  • Simple installation — using a single hot stick.
  • Dynamically changing sensitivity based on a load current.
  • Enhanced resistance to interference conditions in the air.
  • On-line monitoring is possible —devices include SMS-gateway.
  • Connection to any existing SCADA easily via IEC 60870-5-104 by using KOMORSAN software or by DNP3 directly to SCADA.

 Technical characteristics

 Types of registered events PtP, PtG 
 Short circuit current sensitivity 20 A
 Automatic fault current threshold adjustment  +
 Zero sequence current sensitivity 20 A
 Detection of direction of zero sequence current flow -
 Voltage monitoring  +
General description of devices
 Overhead line voltage range 6-35 kV 
 Grid's frequency 50/60 Hz 
 Visual indication - Blinking ultra-bright LEDs;
- Detection range up to 100 m (during the day), up to 500 m (at night);
- A set of sequences, depending on the capability of the model.
 LED brightness At least 20000 mcd per LED, 360° view
 Number of alarms stored in the internal non-volatile memory up to 20 000
 Remote control (for field config) Bluetooth BLE (2,4 GHz)
 Remote communication Lodestar CLXX-Master is equipped with a GSM channel, for transmitting information from the indicators to the data collection server.
 Types of actuation control - Visual;
- By short-range radio channel (handheld remote control)
- Remote via Komorsan & SCADA
 Reset display - voltage restoration;
- by timer;
- magnet;
- from the portable control.
 Indicator health control - magnet;
- portable remote control;
- remotely.
 Changing settings (setpoints) - on the short-range radio channel using a portable remote control;
- Remotely using the «KOMORSAN Web-client» software.
 SMS notification - up to 5 phone numbers;
- Composition of the message: GPS coordinates, type of accident, serial number.
 Reading GPS coordinates Yes
 Time to prepare the kit for repeated triggering no more than 3 sec.
 Integration with SCADA systems - Connection to any existing SCADA easily via IEC 60870-5-104 by using KOMORSAN software;
- Built-in GSM modem (for Lodestar Master FPI);
- Data transmission to SCADA system using DNP3 protocol.
 Source of power - 3 removable lithium batteries (19 Ah) in Lodestar CLхх Master;
- 1 removable lithium battery (19 Ah) in Lodestar CLхх S.
 Total indication time > 2000 hours
 Indicator life 130000 hours
 Battery life (in standby mode) 8-10 years
 Absolute current threshold  20÷1000 A
 Differential current threshold in A  20÷500 A
 Differential current threshold in % 50÷500%
 Current withstand (IEEE495, 4.4.7) 25 kA/500 ms
 Inrush current restraint 0-200 ms
 Setting the reset timer Arbitrarily from 1 hour to 8 days
 The minimum duration of the emergency process 0,02 s
 Installation location  On the overhead line (conductor)
 Conductor diameters  5-40 mm
 Installation on live line +
 Temperature range Operating at an ambient temperature from - 40 °С to + 85 °С
 Protection class IP 68 according IEC
 Impact of climatic environmental factors - Resistant to UV radiation;
- Resistant to wind load of 40 m/s without ice and 23 m/s with ice with 35 mm wall thickness.
 Impact of mechanical factors - Corresponds to exploitation group M1;
- Resistant to galloping. 


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