Fault indicator Lodestar CL2 BM
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Lodestar CL2 BM


Lodestar CL2 BM model is an advanced solution for fault detection (PtG & PtP).

Lodestar CL2 BM is mounted on the overhead phase conductor.

Lodestar CL2 BM indicator is equipped with a short-range radio channel (BLE 2.4 GHz) and a GSM data transmission channel. Receiving information and configuring devices is carried out using a remote control: a smartphone or tablet, with installed special software Lodestar App.

With the help of Lodestar CL2 BM, SMS notification of events that have occurred with GPS coordinates can be organized. GPS coordinates are read after reboot and when commands are given from the remote control or via KOMORSAN.

Lodestar CL2 BM benefits:

  • Minimum fault sensing 2 A.
  • Visual indication up to 100 м (day), up to 500 м (night).
  • Does not require a separate data transmission unit.
  • Sending SMS and e-mail about network events to up to 5 different subscribers.
  • Reduces a need for a manual fault tracking.
  • Easy to install, set and use.
  • Reduces localizaon and seconalizaon time.
  • Reduces operating costs.


 Technical characteristics Lodestar CL2 BM

 Types of registered events PtP, PtG 
 Short circuit current sensitivity 20 A
 Automatic fault current threshold adjustment  +
 Zero sequence current sensitivity 2 A
 Detection of direction of zero sequence current flow -
 Voltage monitoring  +
General description of devices
 Overhead line voltage range 6-35 kV 
 Grid's frequency 50/60 Hz 
 Visual indication - Blinking ultra-bright LEDs;
- Detection range up to 100 m (during the day), up to 500 m (at night);
- A set of sequences, depending on the capability of the model.
 LED brightness At least 20000 mcd per LED, 360° view
 Number of alarms stored in the internal non-volatile memory up to 20 000
 Remote control (for field config) Bluetooth BLE (2,4 GHz)
 Remote communication Lodestar CLXX-Master is equipped with a GSM channel, for transmitting information from the indicators to the data collection server.
 Types of actuation control - Visual;
- By short-range radio channel (handheld remote control)
- Remote via Komorsan & SCADA
 Reset display - voltage restoration;
- by timer;
- magnet;
- from the portable control.
 Indicator health control - magnet;
- portable remote control;
- remotely.
 Changing settings (setpoints) - on the short-range radio channel using a portable remote control;
- Remotely using the «KOMORSAN Web-client» software.
 SMS notification - up to 5 phone numbers;
- Composition of the message: GPS coordinates, type of accident, serial number.
 Reading GPS coordinates Yes
 Time to prepare the kit for repeated triggering no more than 3 sec.
 Integration with SCADA systems - Connection to any existing SCADA easily via IEC 60870-5-104 by using KOMORSAN software;
- Built-in GSM modem (for Lodestar Master FPI);
- Data transmission to SCADA system using DNP3 protocol.
 Source of power - 3 removable lithium batteries (19 Ah) in Lodestar CLхх Master;
- 1 removable lithium battery (19 Ah) in Lodestar CLхх S.
 Total indication time > 2000 hours
 Indicator life 130000 hours
 Battery life (in standby mode) 8-10 years
 Absolute current threshold  20÷1000 A
 Differential current threshold in A  20÷500 A
 Differential current threshold in % 50÷500%
 Current withstand (IEEE495, 4.4.7) 25 kA/500 ms
 Inrush current restraint 0-200 ms
 Setting the reset timer Arbitrarily from 1 hour to 8 days
 The minimum duration of the emergency process 0,02 s
 Installation location  On the overhead line (conductor)
 Conductor diameters  5-40 mm
 Installation on live line +
 Temperature range Operating at an ambient temperature from - 40 °С to + 85 °С
 Protection class IP 68 according IEC
 Impact of climatic environmental factors - Resistant to UV radiation;
- Resistant to wind load of 40 m/s without ice and 23 m/s with ice with 35 mm wall thickness.
 Impact of mechanical factors - Corresponds to exploitation group M1;
- Resistant to galloping. 


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