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In 2023. Ruma Ingeneria SAS purchased and installed Lodestar Master 0.5 CL short circuit fault indicators in an amount of 27 sets on an overhead power line. Installation and dismantling of the equipment were earned out without disconnecting the voltage in the line. This did make possible to continuously provide electricity to consumers.

When the devices were put into operation, all settings were earned out without the use of any additional equipment but smartphones of our company's specialists using the Lodestar mobile application software, also developed by the LLC «ATRIY».

During operation, the equipment has demonstrated reliable and trouble-free operation, in accordance with the declared characteristics.

Lodestar Master 0.5 CL short circuit fault indicators quickly identify the damaged section of the overhead line. The built-in GSM module and the DNP-3 communication protocol collect and transmit data on events and the condition of the monitored area from the devices directly to the dispatcher's SCADA system.

Separately, we would like to note the high level of technical support provided by ATRIY. During the installation and operation of the equipment, the company's specialists frilly provided consulting support to our staff on setting up devices and software.

The LLC « ATRIY» has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality products. We will continue working hand-to-hand with LLC «ATRIY» in our transit to smart networks.


Leonardo Miranda

Control and Automation Specialist Engineer

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