Control the power line using your smartphone
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Control the power line using your smartphone

It has become even more convenient to use the KOMORSAN transmission line monitoring and diagnostics system. Now the full functionality of the KOMORSAN hardware and software complex is available in the mobile application on your smartphones in the App Store and Google Play services.

The modern multi-level complex ensures the observability of each transformer and distribution substation of the network, as well as the nodal points of the overhead power transmission line. The system collects and analyzes data from diagnostic devices, as well as controls switches and disconnectors of power lines.

Mixing the functions of monitoring, control and management, KOMORSAN allows:

  • to carry out continuous monitoring of the condition of overhead and cable lines;
  • manage the shutdown of emergency areas;
  • observe the network topology on a geographical map with the location of the devices included in the system and an indication of the location of the line damage;
  • diagnose the operability of the devices;
  • localize any type of accidents on cable and overhead lines;
  • simplify the dispatcher's work as much as possible and promptly inform the staff about emergency events.
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